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He ate his own son's brain. Real life facts about the most murderous farmer in history, Peter Stumpp

He ate his own son's brain. Real life facts about the most murderous farmer in history, Peter Stumpp. Peter Stumpp ate his own son's brain and also was used to eating human fetuses(unborn child). See details. The picture represents the scene of when Peter Stumpp was eating his own son's brain. "Picture used for illustrative purpose".

Most of us are ignorant of the happenings in the world because we always stay safe in our home without being aware of real life situations happening outside your home. This article that exposed the real life facts about the most murderous farmer in history will serve as a eye opener.

This well researched and highly recommended article is based on a true life story which happened a few years ago about the most murderous farmer in history who was also a cannibal killer whose name also entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. He was known as "the werewolf of Bedburg" with real name Peter Stumpp (sometimes spelled Stumpf or Stubbe). The name "Stump" may have been given him as a reference to the fact that his left hand had been cut off leaving only a stump. He was a one armed wealthy farmer in 15th-century Germany who murder and ate his own son's brain.

Biography :

Stumpp was born at the village of Epprath near the country-town of Bedburg in the Electorate of Cologne . His actual date of birth is not known, as the local church registers were destroyed during the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648).

He was a very wealthy farmer in his rural community, who was later recorded as the most murderous farmer in history. During the 1580s, he seems to have been a widower with two children; a girl called Beele (Sybil), who seems to have been older than fifteen years old, and a son of an unknown age.

Accusations :

During 1589, Stumpp had one of the most lurid and famous werewolf trials of history. After being stretched on a rack , and before further torture commenced, "Picture used for illustrative purpose".

He confessed to having practiced black magic since he was twelve years old. He claimed that the Devil had given him a magical belt or girdle , which enabled him to metamorphose into "the likeness of a greedy, devouring wolf, strong and mighty, with eyes great and large, which in the night sparkled like fire, a mouth great and wide, with most sharp and cruel teeth, a huge body, and mighty paws", just like the above image. Removing the belt, he said, made him transform back to his human form as a normal farmer.

Crimes :

He ate his own son's brain. "Picture used for illustrative purpose".

For twenty-five years, Stumpp had allegedly been an "insatiable bloodsucker" by the help of his transformation into a werewolf who gorged on the flesh of goats , lambs, and sheep , as well as men, women, and children. Being threatened with torture he confessed to killing and eating fourteen children, two pregnant women, whose fetuses he ripped from their wombs and "ate their hearts panting hot and raw," which he later described as "dainty morsels". One of the fourteen children was his own son, whose brain he was reported to have devoured.

He had an incestuous relationship with his daughter :

Not only was Stumpp accused of being the most murderous farmer in history, he was also a cannibal, but also of having an incestuous relationship with his daughter, who was sentenced to die with him, and that he had coupled with a distant relative, which was also considered to be incestuous according to the law. In addition to this he confessed to having had intercourse with a succubus sent to him by the Devil.

Arguably, some of Stumpp’s confession should be questioned considering that he made it after being subjected to torture. However, he was still more than likely a murderous farmer and not the self proclaimed victim of the Devil, who viciously preyed upon villagers who were themselves under assault due to the rampaging Sewer War, which pitted Catholics against Protestants. In this regard, Stumpp eerily presages Marcel Petiot, the French serial killer who used the chaos of German occupation to carry out his multiple murders

Execution (his death was very brutal)

His execution was very painful, I personally haven't heard of that type of painful death.

Composite woodcut print by Lukas Mayer of the execution of Peter Stumpp in 1589 at Bedburg near Cologne. The execution of Stumpp, on October 31, 1589, and of his daughter and mistress, is one of the most brutal on record: he was put to a wheel, where "flesh was torn from his body", in ten places, with red-hot pincers, followed by his arms and legs. Then his limbs were broken with the blunt side of an axehead to prevent him from returning from the grave, before he was beheaded and his body burned on a pyre. His daughter and mistress had already been flayed and strangled, and were burned along with Stumpp's body. As a warning against similar behavior, local authorities erected a pole with the torture wheel and the figure of a wolf on it, and at the very top they placed Peter Stumpp's severed head.

Finally ;

The most murderous farmer in history as well as a cannibal serial killer known as the “Werewolf of Bedburg,” Peter Stumpp reportedly murdered 14 children and two pregnant women over the course of 25 years. After being caught (only God truly knows exactly how many people he killed), Stumpp not only admitted to drinking the blood of local livestock, but also claimed to have eaten fetuses(unborn children) as well as his own son’s brain.

In summary;

Peter Stumpp

Died : October 31, 1589

Most horrible crime committed : he ate his own son's brain

Title : The most murderous farmer in history.

Criminal penalty : Death

Method of death : Execution by breaking

Other names : The Werewolf of Bedburg

Span of crimes : 1564–1589

Country : Holy Roman Empire

State(s) : Electorate of Cologne

Date apprehended : 1589

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