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I Typed "Police Officers Collecting Bribes" on Google, I Was Embarrassed By What I Saw

I wrote an article yesterday about how Nigeria Police should be careful of COVID-19 even as more than 7000 South Africa Police officers have been tested positive to the virus. While I was sourcing for the right image to insert in the article on Google, I used "Police Officers Collecting Bribes' as the query. I was amazed to see the results Google displayed on their first page. All of them are tagged to Nigeria. They made it look like Nigeria Police is the most corrupt in the whole world. Could that be the case? I don't think so.

I think the reason for this seeming stigmatization of Nigeria police by Google is due to the garrulous nature of our media houses. They have talked and reported too much on this incidence that it has become highly optimized by Google search engine. Every blogger likes to post captivating news that will engage his audience without minding the long-term consequence. 

There are many other nations that have police officers that are more evil and corrupt than Nigeria police. This is not to justify their atrocity but to present our country dent free before others. For example, the police officers that killed George Floyd are American policemen.

We have heard of reports of some of them colluding with criminals so as to give them a field day while perpetrating their evil acts. 

The BlackLivesMatter Movement has opened up the eyes of everyone to see the corruption in the police force especially in US.

Those one we always see as saints have proven themselves to be green snakes under the green grass. The movie industry is another technique other countries use to paint their nations in adorable and perfect colour. They act the movies and present every sector of their nations as being faultless. Other nations of the world that see those movies become green with envy, condemning their own nations and belittling themselves.

Nigeria movie industry for instance usually portrays our police force as an organization that does nothing aside from extorting the motorists. While this may be true in a sense, but it is not always the case for all the officers. Generalising an offence committed by a few bad eggs in the force is an offence on its own. It is high time we started blowing the trumpet of our dear country on good musical notes so that others can hear and dance to it.

Nigeria police force should also step up their game in fighting the corruption which has eaten deep into the fabrics of most their men. In doing this alone can they redeem their image that has been smeared before the people.

Bribe collection should be a taboo. Anyone caught doing so should be made to face a grievous consequence.

Content created and supplied by: ceyebrity (via Opera News )

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