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A single mother KILL her grandson


It seems world is going to end soon.

Another grandma report killing her grand child for being to tarnish her name in the neighborhood. Abdullahi which is 15 years old, was reported murdererd by her grandma name Aduni.

Abdullahi leave with his grandma in Ibafo,Ogun state.

But his grandma didn't love him because he beloved loves to play bet alot, he also seems to be stubborn and rude to her,he have no respect for neighbors as well.

According to thier neighbors, they said the grandmother (Aduni) is a every nice and humble woman everybody in there area always love her for her kindness,

But this monday morning shock everyone when she ask her Abdullahi to buy her food in the next street but he refuse and Aduni started raising course on him.

all neighbor start to come out and pleased her to stop cursing him and Abdullahu later collect money to buy her want.

After like a hours he came back and tell her he lost her money she start cursing him angrily everyone start begging her she said will let her know who she is.

This little boy started laughing and making jest of her, he walk out to have fun with his friend and come back in the night to sleep.

When its exactly 12:10am that midnight everyone begin to hear Abdullahi's voice shouting and begging for help, he need someone to rescue him from her grandma.

But she didn't open door for anyone to rescue him on till when they saw blood coming out under the door, so this make neighbor to open the door by force.

When they open door they meet this woman crying and Abdullahi is about to give up life, thou they try to rescue his life but he die before they reach nearest hospital.

Aduni the grandmother is now in police custody where she's still acting innocent.

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Abdullahi Abdullahu Aduni Ibafo Ogun


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