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How my mum turned me to her money making machine (FICTION)

When I hear people call their mother MY GOLD, BEST MOM IN THE WORLD....I always wonder how they were able to get someone they cherish so much as a mother.

As for me, my mother is the worst in the world. I do wake up every morning wishing she never gave brith to me....yes, sometimes I pray she disappears and never comes back.

My name is Alero Igumeh, I prefer to be called just Alero because I don't know who Igumeh is. Many times I ask my mother who my father is, do you know what I get as an answer? ?Curse.

"Only a miserable child will ask after her miserable father" she said.

once I overheard some neighbours saying her "father was a drunkard he impregnated a prostitute and they gave birth to a prostitute*.

Yes they all call me a prostitutute "Ashawo born Ashawo" like they do say.

I am a 13 years old girl, I only attended a primary school I I couldn't continue my secondary School education because my mother didn't care about it.

Everyday she goes out late in the night and comes back early in the morning looking tired and smelling of alcohol. I didn't need a soothsayer to tell me that she was into prostitution.

Severally most of our customers would come over to the house and start having little chat with me, they would ask me different questions some would even ask me if I am a "machine" just like my mother. They'd harrass me in front of my mother ... slap my a**, squeeze my b**bs and so on. whenever I try to stop them from doing that my mother would abuse me, call me all sorts of names, she would even call me a bad market.

Her Ashawo customers would pay her money to come have s** with me and she'd allow them. That was how I joined the *public tap gang*.

I was so tired of everything,I wanted a better life, I wanted to go to school, I reached out to some people to help me out but they all wanted something in return which I couldn't offer.

One fateful day, I was inside the house crying and was as if the world was about to come to an end. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door I knew it was one of the regular customers but at that moment I wanted to be alone,I just wanted to be alone and think about myself and my life. He kept knocking for long on the door and I didn't respond then he barged into the house , he met me on the bed crying.

when he came close to me I started begging him I asked him to just go for today and come back another day that I wasn't in the right state of mind he laughed and laughed and laughed, and then he said he has paid my mother money for five rounds and even if you wants to be an angel for a day he must score at least three rounds and then leave the remaining two.

Before I could utter any other word he started undressing.I stood up immediately moved towards the basket of plates and I grabbed a knife there, I threatened to stab him if he comes close to me... surprisingly he laughed again and he said he has been told that I am very stubborn so he came prepared for me.

He dragged me immediately from where I was standing and threw me on the bed,he started tearing my clothes. I was begging him to stop but he continued I didn't know what to do that point I just wanted to do anything even if it is the worst thing I've done in my life I didn't care. I picked up the knife and I stabbed him in the stomach.

He fell from the bed down to the floor.... groaned for some seconds and stopped. He died.

I'm still under the police custody as i write this. Everyday i keep praying that my mother sleeps and never wake up, she made my life miserable... she's the worst human being on earth.

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Alero Igumeh Igumeh


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