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10 Nigerians That Jumped To Their Death Overseas For Fear Of Being Deported Back Home (Photos)

Overtime, we've been inundated with ugly stories of Nigerians who jumped off their apartment to their death in a bid to evade being arrested by immigration and police officers overseas. From Malaysia, Dubai, Indonesia and even in India, the sad trend has been the same. These young and promising Nigerians left our beloved country Nigeria, for greener pastures abroad. Many of them fell victims to Visa racketeers who hoodwinked and give them fake papers. Sometimes, a good number of them overstayed their visa and never wanted to return.

Others indulged in fraudulent and illicit schemes such as drug peddling, kidnapping, armed robbery and cybercrimes. In their attempt to escape those foreign police cops, they plunged to their miserable death. It's very disheartening why they all took same manner and pattern of death.

Just last month, on the 24th precisely, we all saw and read of how Chike, an energetic young Nigerian who resides in Jakarta, Indonesia fell to his death from the 9th floor of his Gading Nias apartment. It was gathered that Chike tried to escape after he learnt of an imminent raid by Indonesian cops. It was when he tried to escape through his window that he slipped and fell to death.

Watching the video of Chike falling like a helpless goat from such altitude on Instagram, left tears hanging on my eyes. It was later revealed that Chike died same way like his brother who died earlier this year by falling off same apartment. That's very saddening.

See photos of Chike:

Sadly, it's not only Chike that jumped to his death in order to escape foreign cops. We have many other Nigerians that died same way. Below are their details:

1. Mr Ogodor: The first person on our list is Mr Ogodor from Uli, Anambra State who fell from the Gading Nias Apartment in Jakarta, Indonesia on Thursday, January 23, 2020. 

There are varying reports regarding his death. Some Nigerians in Indonesia said he was trying to escape Immigration Officers before he slipped and fell. Further reports revealed that Mr Ogodor tried jumping over to his neighbour's house through a narrow ledge, connecting his before he slipped and fell due to fright. 

However, some of his neighbours doubted such because there was no immigration raid in the area before his mysterious fall and death. Mr Ogodor had long been mourned and buried by his friends. He is the brother of Chike who died same way and manner last month. It's very painful.

Mr Ogodor is survived by his wife and two male children.

Chike and his brother, Ogodor

2. Osazuwa: The second person on our list is Osazuwa from Edo State. Osazuwa, a Nigerian student in 2014 took a deadly plunge from a 15-storey building in Malaysia in a order to escape some policemen. The policemen chased him to his death following a report of a kidnap case, Osazuwa was indicted in.

3. Charles: Charles died in June last year after he reportedly jumped off his apartment building during a raid by immigration officers in Kejang Selangor, Malaysia. Charles, who died after jumping off the sixth floor of his building was running away from immigration officers during a raid in his Malaysian residence.

4: Zubby: Zubby's death tragically occured on May 2, 2019 in same Malaysia. He jumped to his death from a 12 storey building in Flora Damansara, Malaysia during a raid by Malaysian cops. It was gathered that many other Nigerians without legal documents were arrested by the authorities.

6. Kaka Ifeanyi: On 13th of November, 2019, Kaka Ifeanyi, a Nigerian jumped from the 8th floor of his Dubai residence in a bid to evade arrest by Dubai immigration. Kaka reportedly had overstayed his residential permit and didn't want to go back to Nigeria before jumping to his death.

7. Chinedu: Chinedu, like others jumped from the 3rd floor of his house in Malaysia in 2015, just to evade arrest by Malay cops. He was from Anioma area of Delta State.

8: Awkuzu Man: His name was not identified when he died like others in September, 2018. However, what we know is that he is from Awkuzu in Anambra State. He jumped to his death whole trying to evade arrest by Malay cops in his Suri residence, Malaysia.

9. Chimaobi: Chimaobi's death is a pathetic one too. When Malaysian cops wanted to arrest him last year, he started screaming, 'leave me alone, leave me alone,' before throwing his laptop down from the 31st floor of his apartment. He also joined suit and plunged to his death. There were insinuations that he was into online fraudulent schemes before being swooped on Malay cops.

10: Sophia: She is sadly the only woman on our list. Sophia was a comfort woman from Edo State. She fell to her death in 2017 after trying to escape Dubai policemen just because she didn't have valid papers. This is very despicable.

From above, it can be deduced that these vibrant Nigerians were only trying to escape authorities abroad before falling to their death. So many questions pored through my mind when compiling this list. Why did all of them resort to jumping to their death? Aren't they afraid of death? Why didn't they submit to the foreign cops? Is Nigeria that bad that these ones didn't want to return if repatriated?

I only came to one conclusion. They were all afraid. Afraid to be termed as criminals, afraid of being mocked at if deported, afraid of not making it overseas. But this doesn't mean they should risk their precious lives. It's better to be deported alive back to Nigeria than dying like a featherless chicken abroad. It's huge pity.

This also should serve as a deterrent to ambitious young Nigerians who are being carried away by the prospects of travelling overseas. If you don't have valid papers or something legitimate to do overseas, please, don't travel. You are only bringing problem upon yourselves because when the chips are down, the knife will be out on you.

You can make it in Nigeria. Yes, you all can. Millions of Nigerians are making it big today out of sheet determination and hardwork. This is not a motivational series but truly, when you're plucky and pertinacious, everything balances for good. Be proud of your legitimate hustle, no matter how little and insignificant.

Yes, there might be trying times but believe me, it always gets better when it's very rough. Shun every bad company that deludes you into trying out illegitimate and shady schemes. It doesn't end well. It's better to drop in season like the palmfruit than bleeds continuouslyto early death like the palm wine tree. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. One day, when everything is fine, you will sit back and praise yourself for being a disciplined and contended being. Keep on keeping on. Udo, peace.

Content created and supplied by: Chinachrisikenna (via Opera News )

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