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See The Colombian Farmer Who found Pablo Escobar's 600million Buried On His Farm.


Pablo Escobar was a notorious drug dealer, before he died it was said that he accumulated a huge sum of money though, there isn't a reliable source to count this drug barons achieved riches.

However it is roughly estimated that he has a Networth of over $30billon he was the wealthiest criminal in history, and doesn't save his money with any bank due to the nature of his business.

The Columbian drug lord who died in 1993 at the hight of his smuggling days. He supplied over 80percent of drugs that entered the u.s Escobar was known as the king of cracks, ( cocaine) . Due to the nature of his business, he doesn't bank his money hence he buried his money underground in different locations of Columbia. Most of the locations of this money pits went to the grave with Escobar and was never found.

present day farmer Jose mariena cartolos, has found a little bit of Escobar's treasure.

While digging the irrigation trench of his palm oil plantation. Jose discovered something under his feet after several inspection, he discovered several large blue containers with something inside them.

Lot of cash $600million U.S dollars to be exact the 65 years old farmer putting on nothing but a shirt on his back has managed to find one of Pablo escobars money.

Though it is uncertain of what later happened to the money. But many believed that Jose mariena took the money to the Columbian government to improve the life of farmers in Columbia.

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