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What should I know about sexual assault?

Each year millions of people are raped or otherwise sexually abused, and young people are a prime target.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, how would you do?

How would you react?

1.stop and think!

While you might be prepared -perhaps by being alert when you move outdoors at night -bad things can happen because time and unexpected event do happen us all.

Some youths, are assaulted by stranger, others are attacked by an acquaintance or even a family member.


Some individuals who had being assaulted sexually, feel guilty about the situation thinking that they didn't fight or stuggles anough with individual in question

Some also feel guilt because they make poor decision when going out thinking that if perhaps they were two or more people they would have found themselves in that situation, but remember that not all the time someone will be following you to everywhere you are heading to especially if you are an adult.

Also keep foremost in mind that a person who is raped is not a willing participant . Though some people make the issue seem less serious, using the excuse that it is normal for boys to act that way or that victims of rape were asking for it. But no one deserves to be raped . If you were the victim of such a heinous act, you are not to blame!

Note that some hold in their feelings about what happened and suffer from guilt and other nagative emotions. But who is best served by silence -you or the abuser?you oweit to yourself to consider another option.


Talking to a trusted confident can help you to come to terms with what happened and help you to gain relief from overwhelming emotions.

Most importantly talk to God in prayer for assistance in dealing with situation.

BE confident that God will listen to your prayers and give you strengths to overcome the situation.

Thanks. Comment are welcome , suggestions are requested from you too.

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