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This is what it Means, When They say "Police is Your Friend". Don't Misunderstand it.


Police are a Team of people whose job is to enforce laws, help with emergencies, solve crimes and protect lives and Properties. A person who carries out this duty is known as a Police Officer ( PO ). They work out of a police station. Patrolling along the States of a Country.

-- Ever since he was a small boy, Charlie has hunted to be a patrol officer. The uniform, the shiny badge, the car with illumination and sirens... each and every one of these gear excite Charlie and cause him would like to be fraction of his citizen law force. But Charlie isn't in truth positively I beg your pardon? nature a police force executive entails. --

What, exactly, organize they get something done to the Citizens? pardon? rally or what functional roles are they playing?

Police officers are fraction of law enforcement, or the arrange of individuals tasked with the prevention of crime and detention of offenders. In other words, formula enforcement officials, as well as law enforcement officers, explore and check crimes from happening.

Let's explore how they hold out their duties, as well as the four vital responsibilities of supervise officers and one express nature of rule enforcement, problem-oriented policing.

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