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Young Guy Runs Mad In The Middle Of A Market Place Today After His Failed Ritual Attempt.

Young Guy Runs Mad in the middle Of A Market Place Today After His Failed Ritual Attempt

A young guy reportedly ran mad within the center of Bodija market in Ibadan. Consistent with information amassed, he ran mad after a failed attempt to do cash ritual. Imagine that? The rate that you guys chases morning this day's is very alarming. To the extent that a lot of them do so many bad things that we can not even imagine, just for the sake of money.

One among his buddies that came to the market with him found out that the yet to be identified man has been desperate to have money. so he traveled to Osogbo for 3weeks probably to satisfy a herbalist for cash rituals. The desperation in young guys of to day has taken a lot of them to early grave and yet they don't understand it yet. They still want to have the money over night no matter what happens. Nothing knowing that things most times don't walk out that way. With all this recent happening its only God that will save us.

Note; That this is not they guy, but this can help in explaining the madness better.

This happened in Ibadan and regrettably, people that saw him really felt very sorry for him because it is a very big insult to his personality in the market place. The madness started within the center of the Bodija market.

Who knows whether he violated any law that was given to him in the herbalist place. In fact no one knows his state now, because this type of madness can never be cured, if am to say.

Please, let us take this world small small, our God will not shame us. It is better to pay late than to pay with our head.

What do you have to say to this young man?Do you think this incident serves him right?

Like,share and comment, let us here your own view over the ways our young guys chases money this days.

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