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19 Year Old Suspected Serial Killer Of Barakat Bello And Others Paraded In Oyo

The Oyo state police order today strutted a 19 year old person, Sunday Shodipe, associated to be behind the murdering with Barakat Bello and four others in Akinyele Local Government, Ibadan, Oyo State capital.

Review that there have been loads of killings inside the nearby government in later times. Outstanding among them is the assault and murder of Bello Barakat, a 18 years of age undergrad that was murdered on the first of June, 2020 at Oloro Area of Akinyele.

On June 5, a pregnant lady, Azeezat Shomuyiwa's head was crushed with a stone. On June 13, Grace Oshiagwu, a female understudy of Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, was murdered in the nearby government and on June 22, a multi year-old-kid, Mujeeb, was too hacked to death inside his compound in the neighborhood government territory. This incited the police to start a full-scale examination.

A week ago, the order reported that the presumes connected to the killings have been captured.

While being strutted, the speculated sequential executioner, Sunday Shodipe, related how he approaches slaughtering his casualties. He said a specific botanist who he worked for, Adedokun Yinusa Ajani (50), sends him out for such tasks. He said whenever he needed to go for the activity, the cultivator would train him to bow down in front of him and he would make a few mantras and afterward put something on his tongue multiple times.

As per Sunday, at whatever point he finds his casualties, he would hit them with a scoop and when they fall in the pool of their own blood, he would make a few chants and move around the body multiple times and afterward place the body on his back for around five minutes with his eyes shut before leaving the scene.

When inquired as to whether he was not apprehensive that anyone could come around while backing the body, the speculated sequential executioner said the cultivator had revealed to him that no one would come around during the period. He said after the activity, he would come back to the cultivator, who might make a few mantras once more.

When requested the explanations behind the killings, Sunday said he didn't know as it was the cultivator who was simply sending him on such tasks.

The blamed botanist, Adedokun Yinusa Ajani, be that as it may, denied sending Sunday on a murdering binge. He asserted Sunday's mom carried him to his home some time prior that he was a wayward kid and he accomplished some profound work for him. He, be that as it may, said that following two months, she came back with the kid, requesting that he figure out how to become a botanist.

"He had possibly gone through six days with me when I advised him to leave since I was definitely not happy with his conduct and it was not long after that that I was captured by the police," Ajani said

While strutting the suspects, the state Commissioner of Police, Joe Nwachukwu Enwonwu, said the suspects were captured subsequent to recouping the telephone of one of the casualties from one Shehu Usman. Enwonwu said upon cross examination, Shehu denied contribution in any wrongdoing however gave helpful data which consequently prompted the capture of Shodipe and Ajani. The police supervisor said the suspects were answerable for the killings of Wasilat Adeola, Barakat Bello, Grace Oshiagwu, Mojeed Tirimisiyu, who was only five years of age, and the assault on Adeola Azeez and her girl, Dolapo Oyeyemi, who both endure.

Things recuperated from them incorporate a Techno cell phone, an iPhone Xs Max, and one Itel telephone.

Four other speculated ritualists were likewise strutted. One of them, Abiodun Oladejo (35), who was purportedly answerable for the executing of a lady, Oluwasayo Fagbemi, who was executed before her home at Sasa territory on June 24, while washing plates at about 5:40 a.m. Three different suspects were too captured regarding the executing and another endeavored murder case.

Addressing newsmen, Olasoji admitted to how he murdered Fagbemi with a stick and cleaned her blood with a tissue for ceremonial purposes.

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