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How I was saved from being homeless in the streets of Warri, by a good Samaritan (fiction).

It was hard for me to believe, that my own blood sister, would turn her back on me, after the death of our parents.

I lived in the village alone with our mother, after my father passed away, just barely a year after my father's demise, I lost my mother also, she was constantly lonely, not having her husband by her side. 

After my mother's burial, I was being maltreated by my uncle I was made to live with, since I was too young to care for myself,

I was only 16 years at the time, so I ran away from my uncle's house in the village, to look for my sister, luckily, I was able to trace her, but she wasn't happy to see me. 

She didn't welcome me, rather she sent me out of her house into the streets, when she realized I had left the village to stay with her. She said that if I can't go back to the village, then I should look for another place to stay, she couldn't afford my upkeep.

I went from being maltreated by my uncle and sister to be engulfed by the ocean of hunger in the streets of Warri. I was rather fortunate, to be adopted by a good Samaritan I went to beg for money, to buy food, the man was scared at first, he called and spoke to my sister, who bluntly told him, that she couldn't take care of me, at that point I urged the man to reach my uncle and plead for me to return to his house in the village, because I knew they would have noticed my disappearance, but my uncle refused having me back. 

The good Samaritan, who happened to be wealthy man, took me into his home, and sponsored me through school, it's been 7 years since I was adopted by the good Samaritan, I am now an engineer, working for my adopted father's construction company.

The surprising thing that happened of recent, still leaves me to believe that some persons do not have shame, I got a friend request from a lady on facebook, who I later discovered to be my sister, because she started chatting me up, to forgive her. Now that things are going on well for me, she wants forgiveness, she forgot that I could have died on the streets, where she forced me into. 

Well, I don't think she deserves my forgiveness, or do you think she does? 

Let me know what you think on the comment session below. 

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