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How I Saw My Dead Wife Sitting On Her Grave (Fiction).

Some people believe that ghosts are existing in this world while others always argue that they don't exist. Below is a story about "How I saw my dead wife sitting on her grave ".

Death is treacherous and wicked, it was really a sad year and moment for me when my wife died. She was a pretty and a caring wife. She never disappointed me and she was very faithful.

Before her death, we had 3 lovely kids, she loved and cherished the 3 kids. She always made sure that the family was happy.

Since her death, I have been the only one doing all the household chores with the assistance of my kids. Most times, I get very tired because of the chores in the house.

My wife's grave was close to my window. Most times, when I am sleeping, I will hear some noise around the grave. I often ignore the noise.

It was on a Sunday night, I was sleeping and I heard noise around my wife's grave. I gently stepped towards the window to see what's causing the noise.

Behold I saw my dead wife sitting on her grave, I was shocked and afraid. Immediately she saw me, she disappeared. I fainted and when I woke up, I went outside but I never disclosed what I saw to my kids.

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