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Truckload Of Alcoholic Drink Seized By Kano Road Transport Agency

The Kano State Road Transport Agency famously known as KAROTA has reported the seizure of truckload of mixed beverages in an endeavor by certain people to pirate it into the state. 

The Kano state transport office expressed that the truck was caught at Hadeja Road along Zainab Gallery after a hot pursue of the driver. The driver was later taken to the base camp of the office for additional examinations. 

Later on, the proprietors of the said liquor went to the base camp of the office with a money of 500,000 naira in an offer to pay off the official in control. The official rejected their pay off and called the Kano state head of Anti debasement office, Barr Muhayu Magaji in which they were likewise captured and kept pending indictment. (Pics of the wads of money is found in one of the photos) 

As of now, the Kano state Transport Agency has sent the case and displays to the Kano state Morality Police known as Hizbah for additional activities. The Hizbah is the state government organization responsible for activities against ethical quality, for example, maltreatment of minors, abuse of kids, medication or substance misuse, prostitution and other related offenses. 

The Kano state government has quite a while in the past restricted the business, parade and conveyance of liquor and other hard substances in the state. Violators are captured by the Kano state profound quality police (Hizbah) for indictment.

Pictures of culprits arrested in a failed attempt to bribe the agency with five hundred thousand cash

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