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"CHOP OFF THEIR GENITALS", Speaker House of Reps advocates stiff penalty for Rapists if found guilty

The Speaker, House of Representatives advocates for rapists to be castrated if found guilty as a way of curbing or reducing the high rate of rape and sexual abuses in Nigeria.

Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila said, as a way to ensure a stiff punishment for rapists, "chopping off their genitals" if found guilty would help get rid of these predeators in human form from the society. He said this, when he received a delegation from the Movement Against Rapists and Sexual Violence (MARS-V) at the National Assembly.

He likened the rising cases of rape in Nigeria as a pandemic, he also stressed the importance of the media and the important role it could play in combating this pandemic.

He also stressed the need for people who hold religious views on rape and sexual violence, to have adequate awareness against the pandemic.

The statistics of rape and sexually based violence is alarming with a lot of victims going through psychological trauma which in most case could be suicidal. Just maybe it is time to treat rape cases with adequate attention just like the covid 19 as it is soon becoming viral.

"In a pandemic, you look for a cure. No sane man would have sexual intercourse with a 3-month old baby. The idea alone is sickening" Mr. Gbajabiamila said.

It is without doubt no time to accord blames as we must come together as human beings to fight this menace. It is no time for gender activism, it is time to protect our wives, daughter, sisters, brothers and son, this we must do together in solidarity.

This indeed is not fight for the women alone, the men also must join this crusade. Even though the statistics say that 95% of victims are women, the men mist also champion this fight against rape so we all can change the narratives together.

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