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Fiction: How an 18 years old girl was forced to marry a 60 years old man as a fifth wife

Adaeze was a young and decent 18 years old girl that lived in a small village. She was the only child of her parents.

Even though they were not rich or wealthy, Adaeze lived a satisfied life.

On the other hand Chief Agu was a well known wealthy and respected man in the village. He only had one problem and that was; he lacked a male child.

Chief Agu had tried all he could, in fact he married 4 wives already but no one could give him a male child. This got the honorable Chief worried, he was already 60 years but had no son to inherit his property.

One day Chief Agu decided to visit a powerful wise man. After Chief Agu paid the necessary money he was to pay, he was told that the only solution was to marry Adaeze, and her first child will be a boy.

Chief Agu went to Adaeze's house the next day, he brought all kind of gifts to her parents and spoke to them. At first, they refused, but after he promised them that Adaeze will be sent abroad to school, they were convinced.

After Adaeze was told, she cried the whole night, she couldn't believe her parents agreed to it. She thought of running away but she couldn't.

3 months later she got married to Chief Agu. She was treated like a queen. Especially when she got pregnant. She later gave birth to a male child. There was some much celebration. Agu sent her abroad to finish her studies.

6 years later she came back, only to discover that Chief Agu was dead, she cried bitterly, took her son and went back to her parents. Chief Agu willed 80% of his wealth to Adaeze and her son.

Adaeze's parents felt guilty, but were happy about the money, Adaeze later retuned abroad with her parents and son.

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Adaeze Agu


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