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As The Shop Owner What Type Of Punishment Will You Give To This Boy?

As The Shop Owner What Type Of Punishment Will You Give To This Boy?

Life alone have not been easy on any one, but that should not be the big reason, to some children to begin to misbehaviour.

Probably this lady entered the shopping more, any needed a big number of things, and maybe he is not with money. And the only thing that could come to his mind was to pack those things that he needs and hides it in his short. For his mind now, know one will see what he has done.

His mind did not even go to any mounted camera that might be in control of the shop. Or even if there is no camera, he did not even think of the punishment that can be given to him when he is caught.

Parents let us caution our children, on some settle things so as not to damage our reputations. As the owner of that shop or person working there, if you see this little boy's act, what will you do?

Will you just collect those things back and allow him go? Or will you just flog him together with that his friend at the back, left for me I will say that, he planned it and the one that was caught in the act decided to do it may be he is more cleaver than his friend.

Or do you suggest those items should just be collected from them and even by them something to still eat as well. For me I think doing this might be risky, this because children are future leaders of tomorrow as it is always said. So what if the child becomes a full grown man, still or arm robber, will always has it's way in him, he will just assume that thinks that he can't make, as normal there are always away to do it by collecting it by force from people. At the end he can even join high killers.

I know our society have failed us, it can also be hunger that could take him to that. But that is not a big reason to do that too.

So they both need to be punished and kept till their parents starts to look for them. So what do you think will be the right punishment and to who will it be given to?

Like, share and tell us what can be done to this little boy.

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