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Mother VS Wife, who should be a man's Next Of Kin?

Arguably, the two most important women in the life of a man is his Mother and Wife.

In a typical African family, there is always a tendency of a man's wife and mother having some kind of disagreement. This has always brought up the topic of who owns the man between the wife and the mother.

Wife VS Mother by RA1THE on DeviantArt

It is believed it takes wisdom and great understanding for a man to settle a rift between his mother and the wife.

NEXT OF KIN is basically regarded as a person's closest living relative or relatives, but in a situation where only one relative is required, who should a man chose as his next of kin?

आई विरुद्ध बायको - Marathi News | Mother vs. wife ...

Many may argued that it depends on the purpose in which the NEXT OF KIN is needed for.

But who do you think deserve to be the NEXT OF KIN between a man's mother or wife in your own opinion?

Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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