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Sad: See The Handsome Boy That Killed Himself After He Was Falsely Accused of Rape!

A young boy named 'Izu' reportedly committed suicide few days ago after he was accused of rape by a lady.

He posted a message on Twitter, and talked about how shocked he was hearing the rape allegation against him.

He revealed he has no clue who is behind the allegations, and pleaded with the person to reach out to him.

So many people started dragging him online, without hearing his side of the story, and the rape allegation against him went viral.

He could not take the trauma anymore, and posted a tweet saying that if anyone is reading the tweet, he's already dead.

His friend later posted a tweet, confirming that Izu actually committed suicide, and revealed the picture of the lady that accused him of rape.

Other people revealed what actually happened, saying that the lady made advances towards Izu, and when he turned her down, she falsely accused him of sexual assault.

And the hashtag "JusticeForIzu" is currently trending at number 1 on Twitter Nigeria.

So many Twitter users are furious about the situation, and insisting that the false accuser be brought to justice!

See more tweets below:

The lady in question who accused him of rape currently have all her social media handles on private. And if 'Izu' was really innocent, and accused falsely of rape, then it's really unfair and sad.

We've seen cases of women falsely accusing men of sexual assaults and rape, and it's really terrible and disgusting!

These terrible women are making it difficult for 'real' rape victims to come out and talk about their issues, and I think that evil attitude needs to stop, and anyone who accuses someone of any sexual assault falsely, should be brought to book!

Rest In Peace to him, and may Justice be served if he was innocent!

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