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Firearms possession in Nigeria: Are we prepared for gun licensing yet?

These are pictures of "ordinary cicitizens" who are running errands at the supermarket, drop in at the restaurant to eat and carrying their registered fire arms at the same time.

A lot of us enjoyed the thrill of watching action movies where various arms were used and it gave us an adrenaline rush of sorts and made us want to try it out and experience that rush of firing arms in real life.

The United States has the highest number of gun ownership in the world as well as gun related violence. Owning a firearm in the US is relatively easy as long as one is able to fulfil certain requirements one is good to go. You find quite a lot of US citizens with gun collections that would make the uninitiated wonder if a mini invasion is in the offing in the nearest future.

Quite a lot of kids with gun owning parents often learn how to shoot guns before they hit their teens and quite predictably become gun owners as soon as they hit 18years.

Due to the gun culture in the uS, a number of shooting ranges exist in the US for gun enthusiasts while for some, wildlife shootings would do.

Which beggars the question, are we ready to license firearms to Nigerians?

The countries with licenses to own guns have an almost accurate database of their citizens.

Their Poiice Force may not be perfect but they are more professional than ours.

They have a healthy respect for the law and do not allow the influence of wealth or corrupt officials exert control over their discharge of their duties.

To a large extent, these Western countries have a higher ratio of police officers to police the citizenry no thanks to each State having it's own Police Force.

They also have a very healthy disposable income to fund their hobby..

Imagine the surprise and shock of seeing one or two people walk casually into any of our malls, markets or restaurants with a bazooka or any other firearms on their backs?

The casualty from the pandemonium from such a gun carrying sighting in Nigeria would be fatal.

A lot of us have a complex problem already no thanks to the poverty around us. Just a little trigger, we are all blows and kicks. Imagine if we had guns readily and easily available to us? Any little argument at football viewing centers, traffic and anywhere else we may have a little confrontation, guns would start roaring..

Would you want to own a gun as a Nigerian living in Nigeria?

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