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A nurse stole deceased patient's credit card and money by taking advantage of her position

Danielle Conti, a nurse at the University Hospital of Staten Island in northern New York, was sued for stealing and using the credit card of a deceased patient, the Mirror reported last week.

In April, 70 year old Anthony was seriously ill with the virus. Eight days later, Anthony died in hospital.

According to Anthony's 37 year old daughter Tara, she has been paying bills for her elderly father since her mother Nancy died six years ago. But she says she usually doesn't pay close attention to her father's spending. Until she received a credit card bill for gas, she called the police.

Because my father was in the hospital on the bill day because he was very ill.

"It's clear that this should have been done by hospital staff, because patients infected with the virus are not allowed to have visitors," Tara said

Later, police found a camera image of the store, which used Anthony's credit card, in which a woman appeared to be paying with her father's card.

In the end, nurse Danielle was arrested for using credit cards stolen from Anthony to buy gas and groceries for a total of $60. Now Danielle is charged with serious theft, petty theft and illegal possession of stolen goods.

"My father also has some personal items missing, including his glasses, mobile phone, cash in his wallet, mobile phone charger and photos," Tara said She thought it was sad that those who were supposed to take care of their father took his belongings before he died.

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