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Why All Schools Should Be Allowed to Resume On 4th Of August, As Was Previously Announced (Opinion)

We all knew that all schools and other bodies both governmental and non-governmental, were all closed as the country went on a nationwide lockdown in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

But we have noticed that the closure of schools has not added many positive results to the situation. Because since the first lockdown was announced, Coronavirus cases have been increasing rapidly in the country, instead of reducing. People are no longer following the measures given by government officials to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Many people no longer observe social distancing again, market places are all filled up, everyone now goes on his or her business carelessly. Some people even gather to watch football and other games without taking any preventive measure to stop the pandemic. Our youths now engage themselves with criminal acts due to loneliness and lack of what to do.

The lockdown and closure of schools have done more harm than good to the country. If we could recall, it was during this same lockdown that the police recorded over 3000 rape cases. Kidnapping and other criminal acts had been on the rise ever since schools and other bodies were closed.

So that is why we urge the federal government to allow schools to resume back on the 4th of August as was previously announced for final year students, to enable them to go back to school and take every necessary exam instead of staying at home and being ideal. As it was rightly said that "an ideal man is the devil's workshop".

The government officials should also give students guidelines and protocols to follow as school resumes. They should also support schools that don't have all the necessary equipment or materials to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Let's join hands and fight for the future of our dear country.

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