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Mother Of Girl Tortured By Deaconess Says A Stick Was Inserted In Her Daughter's Private Part.

Sarah Micheal, the mother of princess the 14 years old girl who was tortured by a Deaconess reveals how her daughter was rescued.

Sarah Micheal is a farmer from kuturah area of kaduna state and is 35 years old. She discloses that she didn't know Mrs Awolola the deaconesses and that she gave her daughter to her husband younger sister. It was the younger sister who gave Princess to the deaconesses who accepted her willingly and promised she would send princess to school.

Mrs Michael also said she got to know that her daughter was maltreated in May 2020 when Mrs Awolola called and said princess was stealing. The father of the girl had asked Mrs Awolola if she was feeding the girl well because she wouldn't steal if she was feed well. He proceeded to ask his daughter if she was stealing in hausa but princess kept mute because Mrs Awolola had told her to have the conversation in English.

Mr Michael offered to collect his daughter since her guardian was complaining. when they went to pick her up, they were denied entry because Mrs Awolola said there was coronavirus pandemic and no one was allowed into her house. After being denied their daughter the parents went home and discussed with a relative who got very angry at Mrs Awolola and told her she had 6 hours to return the girl.

Obviously threatened by the relative, Mrs Awolola involved the police and asked them to beg the parents to give her 1 month to return the girl who she claimed was in Abuja. The parents were adamant and gave Mrs Awolola 3 days to return the child.

When Sarah Micheal saw her daughter on the 8th of July, Mrs Sarah said she had bruises all over her face and upon careful examination, she wept when she saw the state of the rest of the girl's body. The doctor said that princess will have stitches because of the stick inserted into the girl's vagina. Mrs Awolola claims it's the work of the devil and promises to foot all the hospital bills.

Mrs Sarah Micheal states that she regret sending her daughter to live with someone. When asked the type of Justice she wants metted on Mrs Awolola, she says that she stands with her daughter and is ok with whatever justice Princess deems right.

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