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Lady Invites 'Babalawo' Boyfriend To Help Recover Her Money After Being Debited By The Bank (Video)

Love is a beautiful thing, when two lovers share things in common. She has gotten a boyfriend, and she is proud to showcase him to the public. Irrespective of whom someone is in love with, never be shy to let people know who you're marrying or dating

A lady has allegedly brought to the bank her babalawo's boyfriend to the bank to recover her money that was mistakenly debited by the bank according to the viral video being shared online. 

Nevertheless, the lady was said to have entered the premises of the bank along with her babalawo's boyfriend after she was debited by the bank when she came to make a withdrawal.

However, he also mentioned that the girl and babalawo boyfriend were denied entrance into the banking hall by the security personnel that work in the bank.

It could be seen from the video that the woman was standing right at the front position behind the babalawo boyfriend as they both waited to be stranded to by the bank staff.

Watch video below;

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