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My 17year Old Daughter Went Missing, This Is What I Found In Her Room That Scared Me (Fiction)

I pray with my broken heart that every parent on this platform will not lose their children. I was tossed into a pit of unbearable pain when I discovered my only daughter had been missing, and It was more painful when I realised it was all my fault, please read, and learn from this. Here is my story;

I came from a poor family of 9 consisting of my father, my mother, and my 6 siblings. My father had several wives, so it was not his fault that he couldn't take care of all of his children. I went to a government primary, and secondary school with difficulties, but I strives hard in order to realise my goals. However, my dreams, my goals became void the day I got pregnant, I was just 19 year old.

The corper that got me pregnant rejected me with the pregnancy, and married his long time fiance. I felt cheated, I cried for days, and I was disowned by my parent. I lived under the bridge for months, and surely did many things to survive.

To cut the story short, years later, I started selling native clothes, and my business boomed a lot, but the only problem I had was my 17 year old daughter. I made everything easy for her, the fact that she doesn't even know how to cook shouldn't be shared to anybody. I wash her clothes, I never beat her, I spoiled her with everything.

However, she started coming home late all of a sudden, sometimes she would come home drunk, and I'd scold her because she was just a kid. She even stayed out for two days, and I still didn't beat her because I thought I was caring for her. I never knew my own definition of care was wrong until she failed to come home for almost a week. I thought she would come home until I tracked down all of her friends, and they said they didn't know her whereabouts.

It dawned on me that moment, that she went missing, and with shattered heart, I tried searching her room for a clue to her whereabouts, but what I found scared me. I found a bag filled with money, and under the money was different types of phone. I couldn't stop wondering what a kid like her could be doing with such large amounts of money, and many phones.

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