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2 Words, You Should Never Tell Police At Point Of Bail. You Might Get Detained A Second Time.

Policemen are very hard to deal with, especially when one has been captured into their cell. They can do all the torturing day and night, like they take pleasure out of it. If you ever get arrested by a police man, and your case pertains you to stay in cell, maybe for the next two to three days, you should be very prayerful and careful. Police could make you experience the worst thing ever in your life. So it is very better to keep your mouth shut for the few time to be used there.

The best thing to do is to find a way to contact ones relative to help process how you would be bailed in a short while, because spending a long duration in Nigeria police custody is a very dangerous idea. There are people that had no hope of been exonerated, police do exchange such people for a more grievous offence which might ensue into a big catastrophe for the victim.

If luckily your parents or any related person has come to bail you out of their custody, it is very wise for you not to say any of these two words below

1. But, Bail Is Free:

Police always tells you that bail is free, and that police is your friend. This is a big lie. No bail is free in this Nigeria. And you are not the right person to tell them they are wrong, if you ever try such. Even those that came to bail you will regret it badly.

2. They Didn't Feed Me:

Telling the person that came to bail you, that you were not properly fed in the presence of an officer is a degradation to their professional protocol. They immediately feel irritated when such words are hurled at them. It might be the truth, but you are still in their territory never try saying it.

Apart from those words above, any other statement that will provoke the peace of the officer should not be said by you, they view us as bloody civilians with little or no right whatsoever, so be careful, it's at your risk.

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