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I Checked The Browsing History of My Daughter's Phone, What I saw Made me Call the Police (fiction)

My name is Stella Godwin and I married with just a single girl child. My daughter was the only thing I had left after my husband passed away in a fatal motor accident. Divine was a very good girl even before her Dad passed away and she was so well behaved that her character was very cherished and adorned by everyone especially me her mother. As she was growing up as a little girl, she had no much idea about technologies such as phones and computers, she was even aware of social medias or internet because I refused to get her a phone.

Divine continued her primary and secondary education without having access to any gadget, whenever she needed to do her assignments I will always take her to the business centre and she will browse it out there, after that we would return home. I never knew that as I was doing all these things I was protected my little princess from the immorality ravaging the world. After she finished secondary School, and she made all her papers with flying colors, she got admission into the university and the news alone made my heart joyful. When it was time for her to leave for school, I had to purchase her a phone for communication and doing of her assignments, at first I was not comfortable with the idea but after much persuasion from her I decided to do it. I never new that the first day I handed over my daughter a phone was the day I destroyed her life, she took the phone in purchased for her and travelled to the university for her studies.

I was at home without my daughter for one good year not knowing my daughter was doing something different instead of studying her books. When it was time for holidays, she came back a different person all together I couldn't recognize my daughter anymore, she has really changed for the worst, she joined a bad group of friends while in school and they eradicated the good seed I planted in her so quickly. Each time I send my daughter to do something she always complain and shouts at me, the only joy she desires is to hold her phone and be pinging and laughing at loud. One day I called my daughter to explain to me what happened in her school that made her change, she said she didn't change that she evolved and developed she started shouting at me that I almost ruined her life by not giving her a phone.

All these continued until one day she left the house without carrying her phone, I was sitting in the living room when the phone rang and I rushed to pick the call it was a masculine voice that answered, I conquered and told the guy not to call thenumber again in his life before I dismissed the call. I decided to have a look at my daughter's phone, as I opened her browsing history, I saw lots of videos that she has watched which are prohibited, I saw some chats she had with many guys I don't know and the one that made me cry was the chat I saw with a guy, she told the guy that she would bring her mother for the sacrifice only if she could get right in few months, on seeing these I couldn't hold my tears, so my daughter has joined occultism, she wants to kill her only mother. I took the phone directly to the police station and reported the case to the man in charge, investigations were made and Divine was arrested and made to talk about all the chats on her phone, she proved stubborn only for her to get the beating of her life from the police men....

To be continued.......

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Divine Stella Godwin


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