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The Rank lists and salary structure of The Nigerian Police Force

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) is the principal law enforcement agency for Nigeria. Its deployment is acrross tye 36 states of the federation and also the Federal Capital Territory (FCT, Abuja). Its control and command is under the Inspector General of Police (IGP). 

Ranks in the Nigerian Police Force (Descending Order)

There are 15 ranks in the Nigerian Police Force, which are as follows;

Deputy Inspector General of Police

Assistant Inspector General of Police

Commissioner of Police

Deputy Commissioner of Police

Assistant Commissioner of Police

Chief Superintendent of Police

Superintendent of Police

Deputy Superintendent of Police

Assistant Superintendent of Police

Inspector of Police

Sergeant Major



Lance Corporal


Check out the salary structure bellow; 

Constable - N46,000- N47000

Corporal - N52,000-N53,000

Sergeant - N62,000-N63,000,

Unconfirmed inspector -1 bar - N78,000

Confirmed Inspector -2 bars - N123,000

One star - Assistant Superintendent of Police - N132,000-N134,000

Confirmed Assistant Superintendent of Police - N139,000

Deputy Superintendent of Police - N142,000-N143,000.

Apart from there salaries there are also good benefits they earn too. They also have a Health Insurance Scheme to cover sick Officers. 

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