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Fiction: My nine year old child was arrested this afternoon,I don't know what to do.

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This morning I woke up with a very terrifying dream that my child who is nine years of age was hung to death, I was very afraid I started praying ,reversing the dream, I prayed for over 2 hours crying and asking the angels of God to guide my child. After prayer it was 6:00 am already and my son was awake. I bathed him with salt and warm water ,while bathing him I was praying for him.

After bathing him I prepared his favorite meal for him which is egg and fried plantain. He ate and drank water. So I gave him my tablet to play game and I went to freshen up and after that I ate, I left the phone for him and told him I was going to get something from a friend's house and I promised him that I will be back soon that he shouldn't go out under any circumstance. On getting to my friends house I was trapped with gist wSn forget my self, we started talking and talking until it was 12:00 pm. I was devastated, I told my friend time has gone I need to go and get my son something to eat that I will be back soon.

On getting home I didn't see my son, I then remembered the dream I had earlier today, I started crying, I went out to ask my neighbors where he went, and everyone was telling me he went to the neighboring compound to play, I started shouting that I have warned him several times not to go to that compound to do any thing, based on the weird dreams I had about death of someone in it.

So I finally went to the compound, I found people gathered,i went there and saw a dead girl with blood everywhere ,I asked them What happened ,they said a young boy hit this girl with a huge stone that she stumbled and died, I started crying, I asked them to describe the boy and the description matches my son, I shouted putting my hand on my head crying that he was my son. I asked where them where he was, they all said he was arrested just a while ago.

I am very devastated ,I don't know what to do whether to go to the station or compensate the little girls family. Please help me out in this situation I need your help.

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