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Children Are Easy Targets of Kidnappers, Protect Them with This Password

Much Attention should be given to children especially now that they are the most targeted people for abduction/Kidnapping. Before we ride on, let me use the below illustration to show you, how this secret password works and helps protect your children from people who will come to lure then into going out with them.

The below illustration is the conversation between a child who was left alone in the house and an abductor/Kidnapper who came to abduct her from her home with the instruction that he was sent by her father to pick her up.

Check out the conversation below;

Princess: Yes who is this?

Kidnapper: Hello Princess, I'm your uncle, your father's friend.

Princess: But mummy and daddy are not at home.

Abductors/Kidnapper: is Ok Princess, you open the door for me, your father has sent me to pick you up.

Princess: I won't open the door for you. I'm not allowed to open the door for a stranger.

Abductor/kidnapper: I am not a stranger Princess. I visit your house to meet your father. Once you see me, you will recognize me. So please open the door .

Princess: Wait uncle, I will call mummy and ask her.

Abductor/kidnapper: listen Princess, I didn't tell you this before, but your father has met with a major accident and he is hospitalized. And even your mother's phone is switched off, and she has only sent me to pick you, so come fast.

Princess: My father met with an accident? How is he?

Abductor/Kidnapper: you come along with me to the hospital and see for yourself how your father is doing. We don't have much time for all this. Open the door fast.

Princess: Okay uncle I will open the door.

It will interest you to know that, as at this point, the abductor removed a drugged handkerchief from his bag and was seriously waiting for the little girl to open the door. As Princess was about opening the door he remembered the important password given to her by her mother. Everything changed immediately.

She immediately recalled her mother's words saying "Princess, if someone comes to you and tells you that we have sent him to pick you up, then ask for the password we give you everyday. And if they do not know about it, then never, ever go with them.

Princess: What is the password?

Abductor/Kidnapper: Password! What password?

Princess: If mummy has sent you, she must have given you a password.

Abductor/Kidnapper: yeah, she gave me a password but I forgot it in a hurry. And we don't have much time for all this, we have to meet your father, right? so open the door fast

Princess: I won't open the door without the password and now I am calling the police uncle. I believe this will even make you remember the password.

This is how the abductor ran away from there to avoid being arrested. Hope you have seen how important this password is?

I put up this to encourage parents to have a safety guidelines conversation with their children so they know what to do when they are in this situation. As parents or elders, we should teach our children about the stranger danger. It means what should they do when a stranger approaches them to go along with them. And creating a password or a secret code between you and your children can help them to prevent this kind of situation. The password can be anything which is personal and not easy to guess by anyone else.

And you know, try to change the password everyday and tell your children not to share your password even with their friends, because it has to be a secret. There have been cases where children have helped themselves by not being abducted/kidnapped by this simple password trick. So, I would request every parent or guardian out there to talk to their children about this stranger danger, because children's safety is in our hands.

If you have learnt from the above, put down your comments down below, also like and share, you never can tell, it might help save someone from being kidnapped or abducted.

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