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It is not demon possession, its Sadism: Deaconess Yemi Awolola and children as a case study.

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Sadism involves deriving pleasure through others undergoing discomfort or pain. The opponent-process theory explains the way in which individuals not only display, but also enjoy committing sadistic acts. Individuals possessing sadistic personalities tend to display recurrent aggression- Source wikipedia.

The story of the torture Princess underwent in the hands of Deaconess Oyemola and her children shows glaringly that we have many Nigerians who need to see psychiatrists before their behaviour spirals into butchery.

Nigerians are quick to blame any untoward behaviour as demon possesion , curses and spells being casted on us. Hardly do we think and reflect on the state of mind of many individuals who have committed heinous crimes or behaved in a way that deviates from the norm.

The so called Deaconess repeatedly subjected the poor 14years old to months of mental, physical and sexual torture and abuse. Her defence in itself is chilling. She claimed not to have known that the fire was hot. That is a classic case of one with psychological issues which is very similar to what obtains .

Her kids obviously have been indoctrinated into the beastly behaviour since they were alleged to have held Princess down during the torture. Their friends need to be interviewed to know if they have hurt others too. It is a circle that needs to be broken .

Ideally, her son who ran to Lagos needs to have his pictures posted everywhere so he can be apprehended and handed over to the Abuja Police to face the crimes he ran away from.

What would have happened to the innocent teen if her dad had not contacted the relevant authorities?

Why didn't her husband call them to order?

Who else has undergone such dehumanization in the hands of these sadists?

I hope her Church , The Living Faith hands off the case and not influence the hands of the law in order to protect the image of the Church.

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