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Top 5 Tricks Scammers are Using to Strike That You Don't Take Serious

The rate at which scammers operate in this century is so alarming, to the extent that a lot of unsuspecting Nigerians and even Africans still fall victim day by day. The question is why are people keep falling for their lies despites all the awarenesses? The answer to this question is not hard to answer. It is simply because, a lot of people are so eager to get rich so quickly. They hunt for every single means to get rich. 

In this article, you will get to know the top 5 tricks scammers are using to scam people. Who is a Scammer? A scammer is someone who commits fraud or participates in a dishonest scheme.

Scammers are also called 419 or yahoo yahoo. In the case of yahoo yahoo, I think it is international. Another system is called wire wire.

This article is focused on local scamming system, that is how scammers scam locally.

Let's dive straight into these top tricks they use, to scam unsuspecting people locally. 

1. Phone Call:

It's very funny and surprising that many people are yet to be informed of the fact that, scammers do get numbers randomly, either online or someone they know too well. How could someone who cannot introduce him or herself to you properly calls you, then you begin to give such person a serious attention. The one that is common is the fake customer care service from your bank. In most cases, this call is to get your ATM card information and the moment you give them out, your money is gone. In case you don't know, no bank would call you to ask for your ATM card information on phone. The only thing I know your bank can do if you have an issue with them, is to message you to visit their nearest branch to you.

So whenever this happens, let the caller know you are going to your bank for confirmation. You can actually go to your bank if you are doubting.

2. Fake Herbalist on Social Media:

Maybe very few have experienced this trick but it happens. How to know them? It is simple as well, they create fake profile on any of these social media platforms. Their profile picture use to look real and convincing. What do I mean? They give themselves nice herbalist costume and name, with a lot of money placed somewhere in the profile picture. They usually initiate a conversation with their targeted person by sending random messages on social media. When they got you tracked with their tricks of getting you rich, then you might end up sending money to them untill all your money is gone. These fake Herbalists also do this: they can send a recharge card's digit numbers to you via SMS and later call you to please return it that it was a mistake. When you return it, then the conversation would start such as what happens here.

3. Fake Auctioning:

You must have been seeing "Auction! Auction!! Auction!!!" in comment sections of some posts on social media. What are they actioning? Cars. Haha, I can't laugh enough. Let me not write too much, I mean let me not talk too much before someone would misquote me. All I would say is that they do wear uniform, simple. This happens on social media platforms mostly in comment sections. In fact I do see their comments in the comment section of websites as well. If you think this is real, your money would probably go for flexing in a night club.

4. Taxi

Each states has its own peculiarities but the one I do hear about mostly, though, I've not experienced it is this one: When you are in a taxi or a bus travelling within or outside your town as the case may be, then all of the sudden the driver stopped by the roadside for one reason or the other and goes straight to the boot of the car to check something, then comes back nagging on one of the passengers that his or her travelling bag looks suspicious, that he or she should come and open it for the rest of the passengers to see what is inside the bag. My dear reader, please leave the scene immediately, if not, you are going to be scammed. What's inside the bag are fake monies and apart from you, the rest of the people in the taxi are scammers - they work together.

5. Dating

Why I call this dating is because it has to do with fake love affairs on social media or dating sites. Men are mostly victims here. No much to write on this, it is self explanatory. Don't be tricked and shine your eyes whenever you meet someone on social media or dating sites.

I hope you have learned something from this article. Kindly consider to follow me by clicking the "Follow" button right up for you not to miss any of my articles whenever I post.

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Thanks for reading.

I love you all.

You may wish to watch this video from me: How one fake bank customer care guy wanted to scam my friend live on phone.

Content created and supplied by: adzekmates (via Opera News )

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