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We Finally Caught Her — The “Mami Water” of Our Area (Fiction)

My name is Oscar Chidi from Anambra State, For years I and my Neighbor's have not been sleeping well because of the noise we often hear in the night, not knowing what it was, we decided to gang up and find it .

To our greatest surprise, what we saw was unbelievable.

That Night, I received a call from my next door neighbor who was calling to check if I hear some mysterious sounds again, just as I'm about responding no, I started hearing the sounds which was coming from outside as if it's standing by my door.

The sound is like that of a young lady whispering in the air silently. I decided that enough is enough, so I picked my machete and head outside, ready for any unpleasant surprises. When I got outside I couldn't see anything at first till few seconds later, I saw a sharp shining light on what appeared to be human but doesn't have legs, busy struggling towards the Big pond in my area. 

What could this be ? I said to myself as I stand in shock and couldn't move or scream. Immediately I saw my neighbor dashing through the darkness with his torchlight and a big stick apparently he saw what was going on from his window upstairs, and he decided to quickly rush in to help. 

I was a bit nervous at first but when my neighbor arrived, I felt more courageous and strong. We decided to quickly take hold of the situation and because of our courageous act, people in our neighborhood can get to sleep in peace again.

Myself and Mr. Dareng (my neighbor) went up close to catch a better view of the creature, lo and behold, it was indeed what we guess it would be. A “Mami Water” also known around the world as simply a mermaid, I would say its female by looking at its structure, she had a body of a full-grown woman with a long beautiful hair and nice makeup, the only problem is that instead of legs, she had what appeared to be fish tail. Upon siting us, she started struggling hard to get back into the water but me and my neighbor were determined to catch her, so we move into action and started dragging her back to the land area. 

After some few minutes she blacked out probably because of lack of air since she's half fish ? Well me and Mr. Dareng raised alarm and people came over, to their greatest surprise, they saw what we caught and upon knowing it was the cause of our problems, happiness and joy fills the atmosphere.

The End

Content created and supplied by: PananDaspan (via Opera News )

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