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Amotekun Recruitment: Applicant To Pocess Police Criminal Report- Southwest Leaders.

After The passage of the Community Security Initiative tagged 'Amotekun' to The Constitution.

The people of Southwest Region of Nigeria Celebrated the Victory of Law against the first Illegal Allegation declaration made by Federal Goverment at the First Pronouncement of the Security Outfit.

Aftermaths to prevent this Initiative from Crumbling like the other Initiative that have come and varnished in the time past initiative like the Oduduwa People Congress O.P.C Etc.

The Oduduwa People Congress had a good start along the Line it was compromised the same people trusted with lives of its Citizens through some Underlisted act.

*Backbiting: this is the process by which member of the OPC member end up exposing their source Of power to the hands of the common enemies.

* Abuse of Trust and Power: According to history it was recorded that member of Oduduwa people Congress abuse power by forcefully taking Pocession of another man's wife in the act killing the man for it forcefully accused as the victim of theft.


Some record aslo confirm some member of the Oduduwa people who were member of Ulcultic Group also use the initiative against their Opposition causing chaos and distruption of the Vission of the initiative.

The Leaders of Southwest community voice out for the proper Running of the initiative to avoid past mistakes as stated above, 

Training suggestion also made in the one of the Town Hall meetings of the Elders Accross the Townhall meeting

Drop Your comment, is there addition and observation Regarding 'Amotekun'

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