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How fate smiled at miss Zainab Aliyu after she was falsely accused, arrested and jailed in prison.

Sometimes, when what one does not expect comes, he or she begins to wonder. That was the case of miss Zainab Aliyu who was wrongly accused for carrying drugs. The story has it that she was wrongly accused and justice was not dispensed hence, she suffered in jail. According to Nigeria television authority (NTA) tweet this day 26th July, 2020, Zainab Aliyu who has regained her freedom from Saudi Arabia prison has successfully completed her NYSC in Nigeria. In the same tweet, her picture was displayed holding her certificate of NYSC. In the words of Nigeria television authority: "Zainab Aliyu who was wrongly Jailed In Saudi for carrying drugs completed her NYSC" It concluded. The ordeal that this lady went through was horrible most especially when she could not defend herself as nothing was enough to vindicate her. I cherish her zeal to be relevant in life by completing her first degree irrespective of the humiliation she went through. Base on this achievement, she has become an inspiration to many who nurse the idea of giving up on their life goals and dreams. May we never be falsely accused.

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