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Eight police officers has been arrested after extorting and blackmailing a social media influencer

The Lagos State Police Command arrested eight police officers for alleged involvement in the attack and extortion of Olumide Bakare's, a social media influencers.

Bala Elkana State Police Public Relations Officer confirmed the arrest and said that the police officers would be brought to justice after the investigation was finished.

He said, "Officers are with us in the provost department at headquarters. Police commissioner Hakeem Odumosu ordered the case forwarded to headquarters, and they were all taken to headquarters. The victim said that three employees were directly involved in the incident, but eight of them arrested for being part of the team.

"We arrested each team member to investigate the role of each of them. The investigation continues and those involved will be prosecuted and, if found guilty, brought to justice in accordance with our applicable law."

Bakare was attacked and blackmailed by several police officers from the Ogudu police station on Monday.

Metro PUNCH learned that Bakare returned from Ikeja when seven police officers came to the Taxify vehicle, where he was in the Abiola State Park area.

Bakare told our correspondent that three police officers jumped into the vehicle and took him and his driver to the station.

He said: "When we arrived at the station, they took us to a corner with two wooden rooms. They collected my cellphone, my AirPods and my ID.

"Even when I explained that I was influential and worked for a different brand, they looked for my emails on Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. After asking the questions I answered correctly, they saw texts about homosexuality in one Group I belonging and they called me gay .

"The officer who searched my phone said I was gay and laughed because it was fun for me and furthermore he asked me to take off my shirt and he started beating me with a pipe. I was forced to write a statement that I had a male customer who paid me for free sex with them and even registered several names for me.

"I was told to add money to that name and I registered as an 'confession' under the arrow. When they saw the balance in my account, they asked for N1m, which I told them I could not give, so subtract they put it at 500,000 N and said they will send the videos they make to the brand I work for, post them on the Internet and lock me up for days so I can't refuse.

"After asking them, they agreed to take N260,000 from me and called a pos operator to get to the station and the money was debited from my account."

Our correspondent learned that the extorted money was returned to the victim.

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