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Are You Smart? Then Solve This Mystery If You Can

Solve Them If You Can.

So here it is

Mystery 1.

Two Best friends was just chilling and taking selfies outside. Let's say b1 and b2, Then they both decided to get Lunch, they got to the restaurant and b1 and b2 both ordered Iced tea, it was brought to them. one of them was drinking so fast(b1) she had drank about 6 cups of iced tea by the time b2 just finished 1cup of the iced tea. But all the drinks were poisoned every one died except the lady who had the most and was drinking fast which is b1 How is that possible.

Hint: The answer is in the read carefully.

Second Mystery.

One Sunday Morning, A wife woke up in the morning, then did everything necessary to go out, Then she went out. She came back hours later then met her husband dead in the room. She was devastated then she called the police to help to investigate, so when the cops came they said they would question everyone in the household including the wife people in the household include the wife, the gardener, the cook, the butler, the maid and the husband.

They started with the wife: the wife said she wasn't at home.

Then the butler: he said he was polishing the silver.

After is the gardener: he said was mowing the lawn.

Then the maid: she said she went to pick up the post.

The cook: he said he was cooking breakfast so she would eat when she came.

So who should they arrest?

Hint: there's not hints guys, its very simple.

Drop your answers in the comment section.

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