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You Think Rape And Racism Is Bad? Then What Is This

Alexandra ocasio Cortez says that humanity has lived in every system in every way that we have organised our society. I do agree guys and I believe that where we are now and now we are leaving is exactly how we organise our society. But it's only temporary like every other face that human society has gone through since the inception of man. 

#JusticeForJudgeFloyd #JusticeForUwa #JusticeForTina #JusticeForJeniffa #BlackLivesMatter #NoMeansNo #SayNoToRapefor #SayNoToPoliceBrutallity. 

Say no to every and every vices in the human society today. This is where we are now. This is how we unconsciously organise our society and we awaken up to the reality of our handwork. So much on checked on human activities going on in the world. Each sentiment with its rot.

When #WEARETIRED "we say we are tired"? What we're actually saying is that we are not just tired of rape of racism, we are tired of the evil system, we are tired of bad leaders of bad governance that encourages poverty, idleness, laziness, unemployment, suffering, pain, frustration depression, which in turn encourages crime, encourages the worst of human to keep surfacing at a time when we need peace the most. 

Tired of ourselves for hidding behind religions and traditions for refusing to educate ourselves, for refusing to enlighten our children. We are tiredof our own hypocrisy as Human for thinking that we are better than someone else just because we do not rape or just because we love and accept other races. We are tired of lying to our own selves of choosing the wrong over the right because it put food on our table, because the wrong fuels our bank account, because we have built for ourselves a society where vanity, overconfidence, moral hypocrisy, psychopathic traits, dark personality appraised and seen as the new norm. 

We are tired of being lazy, of being Moody, evil, untidy and ignorant. We are tired of being aggressive, boastful, egocentric, mean, nasty, stubborn, spiteful and controlling. We are tired of justifing on ethical behaviour. Tired of what we have built, we are tired of what we have blindly adopted, we are tired of being motivated by envy and dispiriting rather than admiration. We are tired of our deceitful nature that prefers lies over the truth. 

We are tired of not being comfortable in our own skin, in our own values, we are tired of convetiouness of greed, of all by us nature, we are tired of our lostful nature. We are tired of our validation seeking nature, we are tired of our praise hungry nature we're tired of our manipulative nature. Tired of narcissism, we are tired of the competition to be seen as the ultimate. Tired of the joy we derive from intimidation. We are tired of singing the same song over and over and over again, we are tired because we know that all that we are tired of and many more is tied to us as humans. 

Tired because we know that everything we are tired of are what makes us humans. When we call for justice, can we handle actual justice against who we are? For systems of this world has been designed by whoever with rules, laws and constitutions. But those constitutions, those laws have never proven capable of quenching the humans hunger for evil. 

Prisons are good for punishing criminals and keeping them off the streets. But has that's reduced the crime rate? What do you say when those who condemned criminals to prisons are bigger criminals themselves? Do realise that inmates actually have the higher tendency to learn more effective crimes strategies from each other in prison, you know, right? 

Having so many law enforcement agencies as in no way deterred crime. In fact, recent studies shows that there is a higher record of criminals in uniforms, increasing the severity of punishment has proven ineffective in crime reduction. There is no proof the death penalty deters criminals. It has been proven that the certainty of been caught is a more powerful tool to deterring crime than even draconian punishments. 

This is according to the National Institute of Justice, by increasing the perception that criminals will be caught and punished works better than the actual punishment. 

So what does this mean guys? It simply tells us that the more criminals think they are likely to get away with a crime, the higher the crime rate. And in a world governed by criminals in high places, impunity and bias criminals will continue to get away with the crime. I don't want to go into the world of crime because anybody can be a criminal depending on the state system's definition of a crime. But it's simple. Let us educate ourselves, educate our children, educate our friends and families, educate every other person around us. 

Let us enlighten people to learn to do away with intimidation, corruption and bias. Let us become more self conscious. Reprove yourself when you are doing wrong and you can only do that when you have educated yourself enough on what is acceptable or not. When you are self conscious, you will be able to cut down on your narcissistic behaviour, on your psychopathic traits, on your depth personality. You will be able to nuture the better part of your human nature. 

Have you ever met somebody and you're like, Oh my God, this person is so evil, so unbearable? Can you just imagine. I mean, all he does or she does is think and do evil. Every human has that tendency, is just because he or she has indulge in that particular aspect of themselves too much. 

You know, I think this new culture of damn everything and be proud of your darkest sides actually encouraging people to not work on their behavious. It is a responsibility to yourself to understand yourself. Sieve what is right from what is wrong, sieve your strength from your weaknesses and work on all of its before you face the world. This doesn't mean suppressing human nature, it just means improving it.


Nobody was born a rapist or killer. This only happens when you allow your uneducated ignorant, uncultured and dark side to control you. Do realise that children are one of the most manipulative creatures on earth. Yes, they fake cries, they are mostly greedy and they tend to express all kinds of disgusting behavious at some point, but with proper education and the lifestyle that they see and observe around themselves, they tend to drop that nature as they grow. 

You should be tired. Yes, I am tired. You should be tired of not being attentive, adaptable, affectionate, agreeable, analyctible, cautious, caring, comfortable, balanced focused, just kind. You should be tired of not being respectful onboard, reliable, selfless, responsible, polite understanding and disciplined. Yes, you should be tired of justifying displacement of responsibility. Don't just go on Twitter on the streets pointing fingers. Anybody can trend the "hashtag say you know to rape" even when you're a rapist yourself. 

Start taking responsibility. We can reorganise our society. We can make it comfortable warm, inspiring, modest, adaptable, stable and enduring. We can. Yes we can. And it begins with me, it begins with you. I'm sure you would have contrary opinions, maybe some of us might agree with one or two statements. Please drop your thoughts in the comments section guys. 

Thanks for reading...

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