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I Didn't Know That I Employed A Criminal As a House Maid(Fiction).

Be careful of who you employ as a house maid because some people are very dangerous.

 My name is Francis Smith and I am married with 4 children. My and I are working so we had to employ a house maid. Even though my wife returns home from work early. After a long search we finally found one. She looked responsible and she is very neat.

  The best part was that the children liked her. She always did her chores in time and she rearly offends anybody. When my wife and children were going to my family house I asked her to go with the maid because she was always at home and my wife agreed because the girl is sensible. After they came back home, my aunt phoned my wife to ask her whether she saw anyone entering the family house because she could not find her cell phone and my wife said no she couldn't.

  The next day my children came to ask me where the market is located and I asked them what they would do with the location and they said that it was the house maid that asked them. Then I told them to ask their mom about it. She also didn't tell them. 

 That same day, when I woke up to drink water, I heard noises coming from the maids bedroom and when I moved closer to the room, I realized that she was talking to someone on the phone and I know that she she doesn't have a phone. I quickly called my wife and we decided to barge into her room. 

  She was so shocked that she threw the phone out of the window. I asked her to kneel down immediately and tell me where she got the phone but she refused. We started going through her clothes and we found something shocking. 

  She has duplicated all the keys of the house and she has my wife's gold necklace. I was so disappointed that she is a criminal and not the girl she portrays to be. It's only God that knows what she was going to do with the keys. The phone was also my aunt's phone because all her contacts were on the phone. I threw her out of my house that same night and I vow that I would never employ a house maid again. 


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Francis Smith


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