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See the Difference Between 'FINE' and 'PENALTY', Don't Mistaken these Words

While many mistaken these words as the same,we need to know that these words are of the same category but with different meaning.

Fine and Penalty

Fine is referred to as a amount of money imposed by the judge after the full trial of a case to pay for an offence while penalties doesn't require court proceedings and are levied if a person fails to comply with the provisions of a given act.

One of the simple difference is that fines are imposed when a crime is committed while penalties are imposed if an individual breaks a rule or law.

Fines are supposedly imposed by the court on the criminal unlike where penalties are imposed by the relevant authority on an individual who breaks or violate the law.

Fines are in monetary terms that still include punishments like imprisonment or community service. Penalty involves payment for damages, loss of legal rights relating to property and even imprisonment.

We now know the difference between these two words.

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