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New Wave Of Protests Emerge Across Nigeria Over New Police Unit SWAT

Thousands of Nigerians have taken to the streets again against the new police unit called SWAT which was set up to replace SARS.

Little interview with the protesters

Talking with John:

To me it's not it's not a starting from the police themselves I know they're not any good salary repositioning or restructuring of total everything not just coming up with a name that's wrong now all of a sudden swap digital white overnight no total restructuring or you must involve the youth the whole country must know our.

Talking with Popular Actor:

It is killing us they are killing us they kill our youths in cold blood without humans as leaders of tomorrow.

Rasul Allah the future I don't understand why they keep killing us we SWAT Somalis then actually why they killed us in similary tickets on my buses sooner and said they didn't kill anybody. They kept denying it now they want to reform chainsaws to swat I don't understand is the same

Ladies and gentlemen, like we all just read Nigerians did not want SWAT. They don't want anything. Did you think SWAT need to be replaced with SARs let know in the comment section?

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