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Can You Believe The Huge Amount Of Money The Twitter Hackers Made Yesterday!

Yesterday, top profile twitter accounts were hacked in cryptocurrency scarm. Why this is difficult, is that bitcoin can't be traced. It will be hard for the source or the location of the hackers to be traced.

Some of the top profile accounts that were hacked include those of; Bill Gates, Kanye West, Joe Bidden, Apple, Barrack Obama, Kim Kardasian.

They carried out the scam by asking people to send their bitcoins through a certain link, promising to double it for them.

As of this morning, twitter has reported that about 15million dollars is estimated to have been made by the hackers. They got this record by looking at their block chain records. This is a major eye opener for all social media users to be careful. While we look for money and desire miracles we should not jump into just any get rich scheme or money doubling strategy. Hardwork has been paying and it will continue to pay.

It will surprise you to know that even celebrity fell for the scam and were defrauded.

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Barrack Obama Bill Gates Joe Bidden Kanye West Kim Kardasian


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