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Meet The Man Who Committed Suicide After Being Accused Falsely Of Rape.

Another current trend on Twitter is that of a young man by name Legend Izu Madubueze, who was said to have taken his life after being accused falsely of Rape.

Nanichi Anese, a Twitter influencer recently made a list of rapists that ladies should beware of, she included Izuchukwus name but refused to give full details of what happened.

The deceased Izu asked Nani to tell him who he abused, but was ignored by her. He kept getting calls and messages on his phone saying that he is a Rapist. Izu tried several times to clear every doubt that he is not a Rapist but Nani turned deaf ears on him.

Izu could not bear the whole trauma as he apologized for what Nani claimed he did. It was later made known to the public that on Friday 17th July, Izu committed suicide. It was also discovered that in his last tweet, he said "Oh and if you re reading this, I'm dead Lol". So sad! He couldn't bear the whole saga any longer.

The news of his suicide spread everywere and got to Nani as she deactivated her social media accounts. From the pictures of the trending chats, it was seen that Nani had once asked Izu on a date which he refused.

Twitter is currently asking for #JusticeForIzu. This matter should be looked into and Nani Arrested!

How it all started

Izu's Response to the Accusation.

Izu's Message to Nani

Izu's Apology Message

Nani's Twitt Concerning Izu's Death.

Twitter Users Responses Regarding the Matter.

Twitter is bustling as Users are seeking for Justice For Izu. Nani should be apprehended for falsely accusing an innocent guy of rape because of what ever grievances she has with him.

Rip Izu... Your Justice shall prevail. Please, avoid judging someone over rape, let the government do the judging and purnish those found guilty. Accusing innocent people on Twitter should stop!

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