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Reactions as Man Mercilessly Battered His 18years Old Daughter For Doing This (Video)

Reactions as Man Mercilessly Beats His 18years Old Daughter For Doing This (Video).

According to a video circulating on social media, a man was seen giving his 18 years old daughter a thorough beating after joining a WhatsApp group he warned her against.

The young lady was seriously battered by her father in the presence of her mother who was videoing the event.

The reason why the father did not want her to join the group or the purpose of the group is unclear to anyone but she was mercilessly beaten by her father and the girl also admitted to this in the viral video.

However, the video has generated a heated debate on social media. Some supported the parent's actions while are against them.

See the reactions below.

"In Nigeria, many parents don't see you as an adult until you pay your own bills.

Some are yet to even gain college/university admission at 18."

"Hmm she is 18, the only thing she has learned is to be more sneaky. This type of discipline does not always yield the best result especially for individuals classed as adults under the law. If it's a WhatsApp group chat, does that mean the father is on the chat too?"

"you probably are a good child that listened to parents' instructions and warning.

When you have a goat as a child. you use the rod. . . she's not too big for flogging

She might not change. but her parents won't leave her to rot away. let them flog her, then they know they tried"

"What some fathers don’t realize is that when you beat your daughter this way to correct her you will be further pushing her away from ever confiding in you especially in matters that are more complex for her to handle, straight into the arms of a stranger she goes & you lose her!"

The funny part is that he is flogging her like burty someone meant to flog from head to toe so she can see her scars. 

"Y'all woke future parents condemning this act, the day you have your own train him/her the way you like. Don't teach others how to make dia children responsible"

"First of all.. the person that videotaped this is SICK!!!. You see social media ehhh will be the end of some of us...everything we will video and upload especially Africans. The classmate or coursemate of this girl now will see this and mock her..later we’ll hear she drank sniper"

See the video in the link below.

Nigerian dad flogs his 18-year-old daughter for joining a group chat he warned her against

What is your take on this?

Do you support the father or not?

Drop your comment below.

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