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The Right Way To Write Your Name On Any Documents Owned By You And Your Husband

Women, I want to share with you the right way to enter your name in any document, project you and your husband owned or a building if you're answering his surname.

Say for instance:

Your husband's name is Kolawole Johnson and your own name is Tope Anifowose Ajoke. If after marriage you're now bearing Tope Kolawole Ajoke, no problem. It is allowed.

However, you should never make the mistake of registering Mr and Mrs Kolawole Johnson on the properties, documents or project you and your husband both own.

That's a very wrong format. You can lose all the properties you own with your husband for that singular mistake. You know why?

Your own name is not properly registered on the property. Anybody can be Mr & Mrs Kolawole Johnson. Your husband's second wife can equally be Mr and Mrs Kolawole Johnson,etc. Do you understand?

The right way to enter or write your names on your document should be: Your first name, middle name and husband's name, and then your husband's first name, middle name and his surname.


Mrs Ajoke Tope Kolawole and Mr Kolawole Johnson. Mr and Mrs Kolawole Johnson is very wrong. I hope this helps?

These are the common mistakes that make some of our women to be on the street when husband's family claimed all what they laboured for with their husband.

Share as this will educate couples out there.

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