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Are they daring EFCC! The ways these people spray money will get your attention.

Some pictures have recently surfaced online where some men were seen partying and lavishly spraying money in a party, the location of these guys is currently unknown.

I think when the Economic and Financial Crime Commission EFCC apprehends them, they will know the gravity of their offense.

There was a news which we heard recently where some alleged internet fraudsters were driving in their expensive cars, while spraying money on the ground.

In Nigeria, it is practically a major offense to use the naira in an inappropriate manner. It is contrary to the rule of Abuse of currency.

These guys nearly wasted thousands of naira while only partying, how much would they waste on their birthday or weddings?

Besides, we hear it on radio and television, how the Efcc has been arresting and charging internet fraudsters to court, it is an high grade offense under the law. Instead of these guys to spend their money on beneficial things like paying school fees for citizens or empowering them to make them independent, they didn't do that, the he y prefer to live their live their lives flamboyantly and extravagantly.

The photos were taken from a house party, they were matching on the great Nigeria currency, this has caused me a move to write this article on it. Guys, what advice do you have for these guys? Should they get sense or keep living their current live?

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