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The man survived death by firing squad and lived up to the age of 85

The man by the name Wensaslao Miguel survived death by firing squad

Wenseslao Moguel, was sentenced to death without trail in 1915 by firing squad after he was suspected of taking part in the Mexican revolution.

He was shout about 8 to 9 times and a final one was to the head which is no as "coup de grâce" which is the final blow to kill something.

Surprising long, he survived and lived to age 85. 

Do you want to know why he was not rearrested or resentenced? Because in the past, there is a belief that if you are able to survive an execution, it simply means God has a reason for keeping you alive and the people then respected it.

 He came to be known as El Fusilado meaning the executed one.

You can call it whatever you like; fate, luck divine intervention but Wenseslao will be remembered has one of the few who have cheated death.

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Mexican Wensaslao Miguel Wenseslao Wenseslao Moguel


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