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Muslim guy who Knelt down to propose to his fiance causing many stares on social media

The video which was gotten from social media about a young guy from Kano in the Northern part of Nigeria who knelt down to propose to his fiance has caused so many controversies and reactions from social media.

People who have seen the video has commented that his act of kneeling down to propose to her is against the laws and tradition of conducting proposals in Muslim tradition.

They also said that the couple is now deviating from the laws of the Muslim tradition and is now copying the western world tradition.

Kano state Islamic police has said that they will give their feedback to the trending video in due time.

See some of the reactions below

Method of marriage proposal in Islam

Mallam Dauda Ayuba is an Imam in one of the Mosque in Abuja and he said that the action of the young man is very wrong thereby violating the Islamic tradition.

"In Islam, if you see a lady and wish to marry her, all you have to do first of all is to send your elders to the family of the girl, and from there they will give you permission to speak". And if it happens that you both like each other, the same elders will still discuss to say that they have given her to you for marriage."

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