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Magu Vs Malami: Anything Goes With The Aid Of Brown Envelopes In Nigerian Journalism (Opinion)

Note: Before you read my opinion, I will like you to know that this article is not brought up as hate speech or any related purpose. I'm just expressing my opinion on the recent Magu Vs Malami saga which is trending online. So, I would be glad if you read the article to the end with a pure mind.

Absolutely, it is very painful that the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) can't purge themselves of all this roadside journalist parading as professionals and sanction any erring member who published counterfeit news.

However, it's really tragic we have lost investigative journalism to cook up story journalism.

To testify to this claim, the Abubakar Malami versus Ibrahim Magu case has given away the Nigerian press to doubt and today the press is more of an unnecessary tissue paper to be thrown into the journalistic dustbin. If any Nigerian newspaper publishes any story or if any Nigerian TV station broadcasts any story, it has reached the stage one has to confirm it first from our old grandmothers in the village before we believe such story or stories.

In fact, allurement has allegedly crushed the Nigerian press. Where did some newspapers and TV stations get their scurrilous and vitriolic stories from that they were publishing and announcing against Magu?.

What a remorse to them that they have begun asking forgiveness from Magu and others they accused falsely. Lord Maugham once said that any profession that fails to discipline itself would not earn respect from the public. And this is what happening today to the Nigerian press because it has failed to discipline its erring members.

The loyalty of Nigeria media goes to the highest bidder and they wouldn't hesitate to go to any length to satisfy their paymaster. Integrity and sincerity to the ethic of their profession are no longer important. Journalism has lost its glorious reputations to the 'Anything goes with the aid of BROWN ENVELOPES'.

I'm sorry to say, it seems to me that reporters would just sit at the corner of their rooms and just surf the social media to quickly put one or two fake news together, fine-tune it, and then becomes a news item to the public.

In conclusion, it is a big miracle if fake news won't tumble our nation. By the way, I urge NUJ to rectify the orientations given to its members before going profoundly into journalism. hereas, not all its members are in the wrong lane of publishing fake news.

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