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After setting a Police Station On FIRE in Benin, see what the HOODLUMS did to police UNIFORMS(VIDEO)

Hoodlums are gradually dominating protest grounds, across Nigeria. They are doing more harm than good, to the noble cause of well-meaning Nigerians. They destroy people's exotic and expensive vehicles, loot, destroy government properties, allegedly free prisoners, attack policemen and even set police stations on fire! These rascals are putting a lot of innocent citizens in great pains! Sadly, Benin, Edo State appears to be the headquarters of this social uprise and disorder.

After setting a police station ablaze yesterday in Benin, it was gathered(with video proofs) that the hoodlums stole police uniforms and showed off in them. In the viral video, the young men, "trivialising" the police dress are seen being celebrated and cheered by an audience for their behaviour and display of "bravery". This is the height of stupidity and backwardness. It speaks so low of our youths. Some of us seem to celebrate nonsense! Why would you celebrate crime and injustice?! Imagine seeing people celebrate Anonymous for allegedly hacking DSTV, a privately owned company, someone's business? Or celebrating because he allegedly intends to hack Firstbank, or hacked Airtel? It's so lame and shameful on some people. Very embarrassing. Well, the Anonymous illustration was by the way. Back to the hoodlums, here are what Nigerians got to say on the situation:

In conclusion, this protest should not be an avenue to celebrate or execute criminal activities and mediocrity. It shouldn't. What some of us fail to realise is that this fight is not just against bad governance, but mediocrity in every Nigerian, youth or old. Let our struggle not be in vain. Because unfortunately, most of us seem to be the virus we're attempting to cure. Let the change we wish to see begin from the inside

Watch the full video HERE

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