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3 Facts Behind The Increased Number Of Rape Cases During The Pandemics And Their Possible Solutions

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It was first time in history that the country have lockdown due to the pandemic. Before that, everybody is busy with his work. No one have time to waste at all. Children are in their different schools after which they will be at home.

But covid-19 has caused a lot of changes in people's life. Everybody must be at home so as to ease the spread of the disease. Due to the break, the bad people now have the chance of doing their worse.

You will wonder why both adult and children fall victims. You will hear that a girl of 6 years was raped by a 64 years old man and the likes of them.

There is surely a reason behind all these nonsense. And a very good measures must be taken to prevent the continuity.

Some of the reasons behind the increased cases of rape during the covid-19 pandemics includes:

1. Parents that fails to provide their children with basic needs:

When a child is well behaved, you will surely hail his parents, and when he do otherwise, parents are blamed for it. Children nowadays like spending money. Though, it's not a good thing to teach a child how to spend anyhow. But it's a good thing to give them whatever they asked for so that they won't collect from strangers.

If you find out about most of the children that were raped by those people who are old enough to be their grandfathers. They will tell you that he gave her N200, N100 and the likes of them.


Parents should teach their children how to be contented with what they have at home. Children should never collect anything anybody they don't know. But if it happens, they should tell their parents about it.

2. Indecent dressing:

The way people dress plays a vital role in rape. How can you expect a lady to dress almost half naked without attracting men? Also nowadays, parents tends to do heavy make up for their children which makes them look extremely beautiful. They will look as if they are matured. And don't forget that beauty captures the heart.


You have to dress up properly and avoid heavy make up. The way you dress is how people will address you. If you must dress indecently, then you should stay at home, so nobody can see you. Avoid perfumes that have high volumes for there is a secret in it.

3. Too much playing with an opposite sex/peer group influence:

There are some girls that don't have playmate but an opposite sex. This is very bad, for you will always tell your problems to them. By so doing, they will know all your weakness. They will sometimes pretend to have pity on you which is not true. Since people were not allowed to go to their places of work, then no one can stop them to move around their compound. There you will get to meet new people.


You should always know the type of person you are friending. Not all friends are trusted nowadays.

In conclusion, you know that whenever a man is free, just staying at home doing nothing. Then definitely a negative thinking will start passing his mind. If you compare the present reports and the ones before the lockdown. You will see that there is a great difference. This is due to the lack of work. Because, if one is going to work, you won't have the time to think anything bad. All you focus on is your business.

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